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Inga Rose

Inga has spent her career serving the healthcare industry, primarily focused on oncology clinical research and diagnostics. A career woman, wife, mother, and deep-down biotech nerd, she loves building and problem-solving, and leading teams to do the same.

Inga played many roles at Caris Life Sciences from 2008 to 2019, ranging from project manager to VP of Lab Operations, and subsequently joined Science Care’s executive team, the leading body donation program globally. In these roles, she experienced first-hand the need for good specimens to build and maintain high-quality diagnostics. But specimens are hard to find, complicated to source, often poor quality, and expensive. Meanwhile, while working in clinical research and donation programs, she realized how much cancer patients globally want to help by providing samples from their surgeries. This catalyzed her decision to tackle the well-known oncology biospecimen access problem by founding Reference Medicine.

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Wednesday, June 7
Reference Medicine was founded to solve the problem of oncology diagnostic developers struggling to…
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