Juan Carter

Juan Carter, who is from Providence, RI is a father of two. Shaughn Carter, 22 years old and Elaina Carter, 16 years old. He has been a Violence Intervention/Prevention Specialist for 13 years. Starting in 2009 as a Streetworker for the Nonviolence Institute. Two years after joining the organization, he became the Director of Street Outreach. Through national partnerships with other Community Violence Intervention (CVI) organizations, Juan has trained Street Outreach organizations and professionals across the country in Nonviolence Violence Intervention/Prevention Strategies. His endless dedication to reduce violence in communities across the country, he has had the honor to present, also be a panelist at the LA Gang Conference and Homeboy Global Network Gathering. Juan has also served on the planning committee for New England Streetworker Conference for the past 7 years. Receiving a host of community awards for his efforts and has continued to further his career in Community Violence Intervention. Now the Outreach Manager at the Giffords Center for Violence Intervention. Juan is also the President of A Sweet Creation youth Organization, serving on the Board of Directors for Sheila E. Nowell Academy, Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence and Providence Sports Leadership.
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3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday, June 7
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