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Member Benefits on R&D Tax Credits

20% discount on ADP R&D tax credit services, as well as:

  • A free initial assessment to estimate the potential federal & state R&D tax credits for which your company may be eligible
  • Refund clause included in every R&D tax credit engagement
  • A thorough study reviewing qualified expenses delivered by a team of experienced tax professionals
  • Access to a dedicated team of R&D experts who are trained to help you maximize your credits.

Available to current ADP payroll/PEO clients as well as members using other third-party payroll systems.

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The R&D Tax Credit Offering

For 50 years, innovation has powered the U.S. economy. If your company is involved in research and development (R&D) activities but hasn’t taken advantage of the R&D tax credit, you might be missing out on potential tax savings and leaving money on the table. 

Is Your Company Performing R&D Activities?

Whether you’re developing processes, hiring staff to develop or innovate processes or devoting time and resources to research and development activities, you may be eligible for the federal R&D tax credit. At ADP, we bring technology together with our unmatched expertise to help deliver a path forward to claim these valuable credits. As a result, you can grow and innovate, while offsetting your expenses—with confidence. Some of the activities include:

  • Creating or improving engineering processes 
  • Product design, development, and testing new scientific theories and research methods
  • Prototypes of new products or extending the shelf life of existing products
  • Creation of therapeutics, repurposing or reformulating existing drugs
  • Designing wearables and digital health devices to monitor health and physical activity
  • Establishing new technologies to further telemedicine
  • Innovation in robotics, artificial intelligence or other new technology into existing products
  • Designing new drugs, chemical compounds, or medical devices
  • New or unique blending technology or delivery systems for compounds or medicines
  • Design and execution in experiments or trials
ADP SmartCompliance for R&D Tax Credits
Did You Know...

ADP has the expertise you need to capture the maximum amount of tax credits and incentives for your organization.

What Your Peers Have to Say

Given the outcome of over $50,000 in tax credits and the minimal amount of my time required, it was a very easy decision for us to pursue the R&D tax credit with ADP. Very smooth and excellent results!

General Manager
Biotech Manufacturing Organization

One of my most important responsibilities is maintaining the financial health of the company by forecasting accordingly. Realizing savings like this is a significant help in making this happen.

US Biopharmaceutical Company