Vaccines: 2008 Draft Strategic National Vaccine Plan

The National Vaccine Program was established in 1986 to achieve optimal prevention of infectious diseases through immunization and optimal prevention of adverse reactions to vaccines.</p>

Draft Strategic National Vaccine Plan, 11/26/08

Preface: Letter from the Assistant Secretary for Health

Given the importance of vaccines and immunizations in the prevention of an expanding
number of infectious diseases, it is important that we – as a Department and as a Nation --
clearly articulate our vision for the vaccine and immunization enterprise. In my role as
the Assistant Secretary for Health and the Director of the National Vaccine Program, I
have directed and monitored the efforts to update the 1994 National Vaccine Plan.

The accompanying draft strategic National Vaccine Plan reflects current priorities and
potential future directions for the next decade. This draft Plan offers a clear signal about
our goals for vaccines and immunizations to our domestic and international partners in
the United States vaccine and immunization enterprise and abroad, both public and
private in the United States and abroad. It is a strong beginning, but requires extensive
consultation with and input from many partners, including the public. This input will
also enable us to develop an implementation plan with discrete activities and measurable
milestones. With release of this draft Plan, consultations with stakeholders will begin,
led by the National Vaccine Program Office and the National Vaccine Advisory
Committee. We all look forward to the final products of these efforts in late 2009.