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BIO Board Inquiry Form

Please submit the following form to inquire about a nomination for a seat on a BIO Section Governing Board.  Once your inquiry is submitted, BIO staff will follow up with you to provide more information on the nomination process for that particular Section’s Governing Board.  If nominated and approved, election to a Section Governing Board automatically entitles such person to sit on the Full BIO Board of Directors as well.

Since each Section Governing Board manages the nomination process differently, please indicate which Governing Board that would best suit the proposed nominee.  If appropriate, a board member may sit on more than one Section Governing Board, and a company may have two or more individuals sit on different Section Governing Boards, although only one individual may vote on behalf of the company at any meeting of the Full BIO Board of Directors. 

To guide your BIO Board inquiry and possible nomination(s), please note the following descriptions of BIO’s four Sections: 

  • The Food and Agriculture Section is responsible for developing and advancing industry policies on all plant and animal biotechnology issues—including those associated with food, agricultural, and health applications—and other topics relevant to modern ag innovation.  
  • The Emerging Companies Section consists of small-to-medium sized companies, most of which are in the healthcare space but do not yet have major healthcare products approved or on the market.  The Section largely focuses on issues of importance to smaller companies, such as capital formation, small business regulation, and healthcare policy. 
  • The Health Section contains both these emerging companies as well as more established companies with marketed healthcare products; it focuses on healthcare policy from the lab to the patient. 
  • The Industrial and Environmental Section applies life science tools, such as microbes and enzymes, to traditional manufacturing and chemical processes to produce bio-based and more sustainable products and materials, including advanced biofuels and specialty chemicals. 

If you do not know which section is most applicable, BIO staff can provide further information after the inquiry is submitted.

For which section or sections would you like to recommend yourself or another person?
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