BIO Member Directory

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Company Name City State Country/Region Website
AllExcel, Inc. West Haven Connecticut United States
Allievex Corp. Marblehead Massachusetts United States
Alloplex Biotherapeutics Inc. Winchester Massachusetts United States
Alloy Therapeutics LLC Lexington Massachusetts United States
Allylix, Inc San Diego California United States
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Alpha Cancer Technologies Inc. Toronto Ontario Canada
Alta Partners San Francisco California United States
Altimmune, Inc. Gaithersburg Maryland United States
AM-Pharma BV Utrecht Netherlands
AMAL Therapeutics SA GENEVE Switzerland
Amarin Corporation plc Dublin Ireland
American Gene Technologies International Inc. Rockville Maryland United States
American Laboratory Trading (ALT) East Lyme Connecticut United States
Amgen Biosimilars Thousand Oaks California United States
Amgen Business Development Thousand Oaks California United States
Amgen Inc. Newbury Park California United States
Amgen Strategy Commercialization & Innovation Thousand Oaks California United States
Amgen Ventures LLC Thousand Oaks California United States
Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States