BIO Member Directory

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Company Name City State Country Website
Astellas Pharma US, Inc. Northbrook Illinois United States
Astellas Venture Management, LLC Menlo Park California United States
Athersys, Inc. Cleveland Ohio United States
Athira Pharma, Inc. Seattle Washington United States
Atlas Venture Life Sciences Advisors Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Atomwise, Inc. San Francisco California United States
Atreca, Inc. South San Francisco California United States
Atrium Biotechnologies, Inc Quebec City Quebec Canada
Auburn University Auburn Alabama United States
Auburn University, Office of Technology Transfer Auburn Alabama United States
Auckland UniServices, Ltd Auckland New Zealand
Audentes Therapeutics San Francisco California United States
AUM Lifetech, Inc Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Victoria British Columbia Canada
Aurora Biosciences Corporation San Diego California United States
AusBiotech, Ltd Melbourne Victoria Australia
Avanir Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Aliso Viejo California United States
Avantium Chemicals BV Amsterdam Netherlands
AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Cambridge Massachusetts United States
AveXis, Inc. Bannockburn Illinois United States