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Welcome to BIO! Below you'll find more information on the organization and resources to get involved. 

BIO's Vision & Mission
BIO Vision

A world where scientific innovations made possible through biotechnology conquer disease, sustain our environment, and advance nutrition and healthfulness.

bio mission

To advance biotechnology innovation by promoting sound public policy and fostering collaboration, both locally and globally.


BIO is the world's largest trade association with 1,000 member companies, representing all of biotechnology. 

Biotech Votes
Biotech Votes 2020

Science is the way out of this pandemic—and voting is how you can help. BIO has launched a new initiative, Biotech Votes 2020, to help you cast your ballot on November 3.

I am BIO

BIO has launched a new campaign to tell the story of biotechnology through the eyes of those making a societal impact through science and those whose lives were changed forever because of scientific breakthroughs. Help us put a face to biotech and introduce the hidden heroes in our labs by sharing your story. 

I am BIO
BIO Coronavirus Collaboration Initiative (BCCI)
Coronavirus Resource Center

Tracking all the industry's efforts on diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines. 

Pipeline Tracker

Interactive pipeline tracker for all therapies and vaccines – there are nearly 550 programs! ​

Directory of Patient Assistance Programs

A directory tracking the patient support programs available during coronavirus. 

Business Resource Center

Designed to provide key information to keep your employees safe and business operating. 

Development & Manufacturing Capacity

Designed to provide key scientific resources to advance development and manufacturing capacity.

Coronavirus Hub

Created to connect companies with capacity and resources with those that need them.

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