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The Biology of Biotech

The Biology of Biotech is the perfect place to start your journey into understanding the world of biotechnology. This foundational class offers invaluable insights into the science behind groundbreaking medical advancements. It provides a comprehensive understanding of DNA, proteins, and cells, explaining how they are manipulated to create innovative therapies and diagnostic tools. It also highlights the connection between genetic mutations and diseases, offering valuable insights into disease diagnosis and treatment. The Biology of Biotech equips learners with the necessary knowledge to navigate the complex field of biotechnology.

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Biology of Biotech Course Trailer


  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of DNA, RNA, and proteins in the context of biotechnology.
  • Become well-versed in the process of gene expression.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cell structure and function and how scientists manipulate cells to develop new products.
  • Define genetic variation and explain its role in disease.
  • Explore the connection between genetic mutations and diseases and acquire valuable insights into disease diagnosis and treatment.

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Biology of Biotech Agenda
Course Price:
$190 USD
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$160 USD
Course Length:
85 minutes
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Completion Period:
Within one year from date of purchase
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Certificate Requirements

  • View entire course
  • Complete the course quiz with a passing score of 75 percent or higher
  • Complete the course evaluation
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