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Drug Discovery of Small Molecules

Drug Discovery of Small Molecules explains the steps involved in discovering new therapeutics. This process includes early screening for targets, target validation, lead optimization, and determining when a target should be transitioned from discovery to development. Learn how new drugs are discovered and optimized prior to being tested in preclinical and clinical trials.

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Drug Discovery of Small Molecules Video Preview


  • In-depth knowledge of the drug discovery process.
  • Survey of typical discovery platforms.
  • Understanding of how to identify and validate a drug target.
  • Performance of lead optimization activities.
  • Criteria for advancement of development candidates.

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Drug Discovery of Small Molecules
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$150 USD
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$120 USD
Course Length:
55 minutes
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Completion Period:
2 weeks

Certificate Requirements

  • View the entire course
  • Pass course exam with a 70 percent
  • Complete the course evaluation
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