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10/04/2023  -  12/06/2023  |  12:00 PM  -  9:30 PM  EDT

Entrepreneurship for Life Sciences and Healthcare Startups

Learn how to create a life sciences/healthcare venture that has the potential to positively impact human health at scale. Whether you are currently working in a startup, considering whether to start a company, touch some aspect of innovation and entrepreneurship, want to understand how Silicon Valley works, need to expand your professional network or are just curious, you will find value. Our guest lecturers from Silicon Valley are dedicated experts who live and breathe life sciences and medicine daily. They will relate essential understanding about market dynamics, challenges, timeframes, regulation and investment needed to succeed. 

This 10-week online program arms you with knowledge and tools to unlock the startup world. The course is designed to be work friendly --live weekly lectures are 1.5 hours, video recorded, and augmented by opportunities for interaction outside class to build your network and delve into content with experienced mentors. Class schedules rotate among time zones to accommodate participants from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

The content is appropriate for entrepreneurial founders, CEOs, scientific researchers, clinicians, academic faculty, MBAs, large company managers, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, technology transfer executives, accelerator and incubator managers, government policymakers, investors, startup advisors, consultants and anyone else interested in Silicon Valley innovation. You do not need a business background or a level of experience to join. Young professionals and seasoned businesspeople alike will benefit.

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Entrepreneurship for Life Sciences and Healthcare Startups Course Trailer


  • Learn from Silicon Valley insiders -- CEOs, serial entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers and consultants -- who zero in on ways they have guided startups to success.
  • Meet guest speakers will help you understand the fundamental questions that a startup must address to create a viable business plan.
  • Learn the Silicon Valley mindset and investor requirements to obtain funding. Drawing on this knowledge, students will be able to take actionable ideas away from the course that improve their chances for success in a startup or related field.

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2023 UCSF Global Entrepreneurship Class Brochure
Course Price:
$1,500 USD
BIO Member Price:
$1,500 USD
Course Length:
Weekly 1.5 hour lectures
Course Level:
Completion Period:
10 weeks
Course Format:
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