Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at BIO

The Workforce, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (WDEI) Work Group strives to create a more globally competitive industry through activities that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within the biotechnology workforce and on corporate boards. BIO seeks to collaborate with biotechnology companies and their partners to use a DEI lens to foster entrepreneurship, serve patients, and support sustainability.

BIO Board Initiative

A collaborative initiative to advance corporate board diversity through partnerships and providing resources and best practices.

the boardlist

Sign up and search for diverse board members. Within the site, qualified candidates may also request a recommendation from BIO to show your affiliation with the industry. 


BIO members interested in finding LGBTQ+ board candidates or in joining the Quorum database may contact quorum@outleadership.com to connect.

Women In Bio
Women in Bio

Boardroom Ready is designed to identify and amplify C-suite women who are ready, willing, and able to contribute and serve on corporate boards.

Out Leadership

Out Leadership is a global LGBTQ+ business network. Access resources and research to advance  LGBTQ+ representation at the board level.

Out Leadership