Elevate Your Company's Visibility With Company Presentations


Company Presentations are a great way to increase your visibility at the BIO Impact,  especially in BIO One-on-One Partnering and attracting more partners to meet. These 13-minute podium presentations allow you to tell your company’s story and advance your business development goals. Applications are accepted for review and approval through August 2023 or when spots sell out.

To apply for a Company and Technical Presentation please fill out the form below.  Once submitted it will go through our internal review and approval process. Please allow up to ten business days for a response in regards to your application.

Please Note: approved presenters will need to be registered and also pay the additional Company Presentation fee.



Company Presentations at the BIO Impact Ag & Environment Conference is sponsored by:



Best Practices for Delivering a Company Presentation

BIO has worked with Donna LaVoie of LaVoieHealthScience Stategic Communications to develop three best-practice videos to help optimize your Company Presentation at the next BIO event.