First, your ticket to BIO IMPACT means more access to leading speakers and subject matter experts like never before, ability to connect and network face-to-face, plus dozens of hours of education, endless opportunities to meet with new partners and so much more.

Below is a snapshot of important updates this week. We urge you to register this week to ensure maximum access to partners and announcements in advance of the conference. 

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What's Trending

  • EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: RSVP for 9/1 Webinar -  A comprehensive look at education, partnering, networking and tips for success. Join us this Tuesday, September 1 @ 2 PM ET
  • New Opportunity for Students to Attend. Students will benefit from special programming, networking and complete access to all sessions. Please share the FREE Student Pass with a student you know to help kick-start their semester. (valued at $250) 
  • Face to Face Global Video Networking - Designed with you in mind! Included in your registration, you will have direct access to new companies and be able to connect with industry leaders over key topics of the day or jump from table to table to connect with friends, new and old! Here are a few to look forward to: 
    • Monday Kick-off Coffee Video Table Chat
    • Networking Meetups
    • Monday Start-Up Stadium Pitches & Live Chat

Meet Our Newest Sponsors

We are receiving great support from our sponsors - thank you to our newest sponsors this week: Benchling and VTT 

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Noteworthy Speakers

We've secured some of the best speakers from innovative companies companies to share their expertise on panels and in live-chats during the session. Gone are the days of nervously waiting to ask a question in front of a crowd, meet them and ask questions in real time! 

  • John Melo, Director, President & Chief Executive Officer, Amyris, Inc.
  • Sylvia Wulf, President, CEO and Board Member, AquaBounty Technologies, Inc.
  • Philip Miller, Senior Vice President, Agricultural Global Government Relations, Regulatory Policy, Bayer Crop Science
  • Jill Zullo, Vice President, Bio-Intermediates, Cargill, Inc.
  • Michael Saltzberg, Global Business Director, Biomaterials, Dupont Corporation
  • Christophe Schilling, CEO & Co-Founder, Genomatica, Inc.
  • Jason Kelly, CEO, Ginkgo Bioworks
  • Puneet Trehan, Material Innovation & Development Leader, IKEA
  • Doug Berven, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, POET, LLC
  • Vonnie Estes, Vice President of Technology, Produce Marketing Association
  • Roger Wyse, Managing Partner, Spruce Capital Partners
  • Andy Renz, Vice President, Business Development, Vestaron Corporation
  • Joshua Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer, Zymergen

Dr. Michelle's recent speech at the DNC Leaders of American Agriculture event shed some light on the importance of climate change. " bad as this pandemic has been, it pales in comparison to what awaits us if we don’t take bold and drastic action to combat climate change." Want more time with our CEO? Meet her during BIO IMPACT Digital.

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BIO Partnering Drives Your Business

  • Register this week for access to hundreds of new partners. Attendee tip: based on partnering history, attendees who gain the most value register within 3 weeks out (p.s that's today)
  • Flexibility is key: did you know there are 95 possible time slots to choose from during BIO IMPACT Digital, and the partnering system makes it easy to schedule meetings with attendees across time zones - 60% of companies are from outside the US! Who will you meet with?
  • Your ROI is our goal: you'll gain access to the partnering system the same day you register and your access to the robust listing of contacts extends months beyond the event, making this the easiest decision you've made all year.
  • Need insider tips? We have a webinar next week that will explain it all - RSVP today. Learn everything you need to know about BIO One-on-One Partnering and get the inside scoop! Dress code: casual.
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Behind the Scenes with BIO: What’s Happening This Week 

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