5 Big Questions Answered at BIO IMPACT Digital

At  BIO IMPACT Digital we're focused on bringing together the global ag and environment community to share critical industry insights, form valuable partnerships, and spotlight new innovations making our world more resilient.  

Below are five big questions we'll answer this September, plus new education sessions just added to our program you can't miss! Hear the latest biotech advancements transforming our food system, protecting our environment, and facilitating breakthroughs in green energy and biobased manufacturing.  

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Discover Answers to these Five Questions at BIO IMPACT!

  1. How do we grow and secure a resilient bioeconomy?
    Biotechnology can play a key role in pulling society out of the COVID-19 crisis and positioning economies to withstand similar crises in the future. Hear insights on what is needed to grow and secure a resilient bioeconomy, focusing on how innovative technologies and industries can work alongside government to promote needed investments and to create sustainable supply chains for the future.
  2. What it will take to keep the skies clean when air travel and the broader economy returns to normal?
    The pandemic made at least one thing clearer, the air that we breath. However, the cleaner and clearer air we are enjoying now is being brought on by an unsustainable halt to certain sectors of the economy like air travel. Join us for a conversation with experts in health, clean air policy, aviation, and sustainable fuel production for a discussion about what it will take to keep the skies clean when air travel and the broader economy returns to normal.
  3. How are companies stepping up to tackle waste and promote biobased alternatives?
    How innovation from food to packaging is reducing waste and promoting biobased alternatives. This panel takes a closer look at how companies are stepping up to tackle waste and energy use. From innovative use of biopolymers to using innovations to reduce food waste and thinking through end of life issues this panel will make observations from a retailer as well as manufacturer perspective on potential and current solutions to our waste issues.
  4. How can policy changes lead to improved health and wellness for all?
    The COVID-19 crisis has exposed tremendous vulnerabilities across society, but particularly in underserved communities in the U.S. and globally. Recent reports on the impact of COVID-19 on underserved communities, and recently introduced legislation like the U.S. Growing Climate Solutions Act, suggest a new path forward for climate positive practices and technologies from the farm level to biobased manufacturing processes, food, and products. This important discussion will focus on how smart policy can lead to needed access to improved health and wellness for all.
  5. How are industry, NGOs, and government aligning to combat climate change?
    Society faces a host of complicated challenges. Some of the greatest center on climate change and its impact on food production, the health of our families, and environmental wellness. Industries, NGOs, and governments generally understand the gravity of the climate crisis and it will take them working in tandem on aligned goals to achieve success.