From innovations in food and on the farm, to biobased manufacturing and green energy breakthroughs, BIO IMPACT is an unmatched event to share advances in biotechnology bringing solutions to challenges facing agriculture and our environment.

Interactive Education

Explore a new education platform featuring plenary sessions and expert-level panel sessions focused on the most pressing topics in food and farm innovation, sustainable fuels and biobased manufacturing. Join us as top thought leaders offer experienced insights and share their wealth of information across our industry’s most timely topics.

 2020 Program Topics

Food and Farm Innovation

From enhancing crops to be resistant in the face of threats like disease and climate change to developing novel ingredients for popular food items, biotechnology is essential to sustaining the future of our global food system. How is your company using biology-based tools, like gene editing of plants and animals, to enhance natural processes?

Sustainable Fuels

The nation’s transportation sector leads all others in greenhouse gas emissions. As we look to decarbonize travel—including for both road transport and aviation—sustainable fuels are increasingly important because we can’t rely on electrification alone. Through biotechnology we have the power to decarbonize transportation with biofuels made from a variety of non- petroleum feedstocks, like plants and agricultural residues. 

Biobased Manufacturing

There are 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans. Our reliance on products derived from fossil fuels is harming our planet. Through biotechnology, we can meet this challenge head-on by making the same reliable materials through biobased manufacturing. Hear the latest industry developments working to meet the spurring consumer demand for sustainable products. 

Innovators, Influencers & Policy Makers Solving Global Challenges
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Platform to Pitch

The Start-Up Stadium @ BIO IMPACT Digital provides high visibility to early-stage emerging companies. During the sessions, start-up companies will share their new technologies and value proposition to investors, analysts and strategists from across the value chain.  

Start-Up Stadium Pitches
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Statement on Diversity

BIO is committed to workforce development, diversity, and inclusion, and incorporates these values into all aspects of BIO operations. Program development for BIO’s events will be considered in this light, with specific attention paid to speakers’ gender, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, and gender identity, as well as their company’s focus, financing, geographic location, and size.  Diverse programming at BIO’s events allows BIO to remain a strong leader in efforts to ensure that the biotechnology industry can attract, develop, and retain a high-quality, globally competitive employee talent pool. Learn more about Workforce Development, Diversity, & Inclusion at BIO.