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Dresden, Germany
BIOTYPE is a European in vitro diagnostics and medical device company, headquartered in Dresden, Germany. With over 20 years of experience, we develop, manufacture, and distribute products & systems for molecular precision diagnostics and analysis of DNA & RNA biomarkers. The company also provides high-quality and IVD-compliant custom solutions services.

DIAGNOSTIC TESTS: Our portfolio of molecular diagnostic kits is used in routine laboratories supporting diagnosis and therapy in various molecular applications, such as oncology, hematology, pathogen detection, and forensics.

PROPRIETARY MODAPLEX PLATFORM: BIOTYPE offers a unique system for molecular profiling. With little hands-on time and a simple process, up to 48 samples can be processed in one run in under 4 hours. Detection, differentiation, and quantification of all clinically relevant molecular markers and all known genetic alterations can be consolidated onto one platform. BIOTYPE markets the Modaplex as a closed system with a defined assay portfolio, as well as an open platform to enable B2B customers in commercializing their multi-marker assays of interest.

YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR CUSTOM SOLUTIONS: Our contract development & manufacturing service covers all challenges from the idea up to the realization of a marketable product. This allows companies to outsource some aspects of the business, which can help with scalability or allows them to focus on other aspects of their business instead. We are committed to high-quality standards and accommodate individualized product specifications for our international customers.