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Ghent, Belgium
flanders.bio is an independent life sciences cluster organization with over 300 industry members.
Cluster organization flanders.bio strengthens Flanders’ life sciences and biotechnology ecosystem by facilitating partnering among its members. Furthermore, the organization creates value for the entire life sciences cluster by bringing expertise and a clear strategy to enhance the growth of its members – both locally and internationally – while enabling innovation via a portfolio of activities and programs.

To stimulate the transfer of knowledge and partnerships within the sector, flanders.bio organizes conferences, seminars and workshops, including ‘Knowledge for Growth’, one of the largest regional business conferences in Europe. As an industry organization, flanders.bio provides information tailored to its member companies’ needs, and has a well-developed communication department that contributes to the national and international visibility of its members and the industry in general.

What’s more, flanders.bio provides a range of strategic business support services for companies to expand their business and access new markets. Facilitation of collaborations between different technology sectors is a key objective of flanders.bio, both for healthcare and precision medicine applications as well as in agri-food.