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Academia Sinica has adopted various measures to promote the internal integration of research activities in its three Divisions (Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Humanities and Social Sciences) so as to fulfill the following goals:

1. To enhance the value of research activities by improving the planning, implementation, and evaluation of long-term projects;
2. To harness basic research results for applications and technology transfer;
3. To engage with Taiwan’s academic community in advancing a modern and forward-looking collective scholarly vision;
4. To cultivate an intellectual environment that is conducive to the nurturing of young scholars and the recognition of outstanding scholarship in Taiwan; and,
5. To promote international cooperation and scholarly exchanges that will accelerate the overall development of academic research at Academia Sinica and in the Republic of China.

The Biomedical Translation Research Center (BioTReC) was founded in September 2019 at the National Biotechnology Research Park (NBRP) with the aspiration to support the development of biotechnology in Taiwan. The objectives of BioTReC align with government initiatives to accelerate bio-entrepreneurship from early discovery stages to commercialization.

The BioTReC foster growth among innovative pharmaceutical businesses via networking and joint-venture opportunities and to provide access to invaluable R&D and marketing resources. In addition to startups and small businesses, we welcome the installation of mature firms. We adhere to the ideal that dynamic interactions within a diversified portfolio foster a productive exchange of insights and experiences, and we look forward to fruitful results in this ecosystem. We also provide space and cooperation schemes for the establishment or extension of internationally leading accelerators, which can maximize the impact of funding from our country’s investors and venture capital funds.

Main Services :

• Forge a professional and innovative ecosystem that facilitates new drug discovery, as the creation of a thriving biotechnology industry will ultimately enhance the health and welfare of society.
• 9 World-Class Core Facilities to accelerate the timeline for translational research and pre-clinical verification of innovative precision by providing researchers with advanced instruments, high-priced equipment, and technical services on disease prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment.
• Incubate 47 companies to push the development of Biologics, Nucleic Acid Drugs & Regenerative Medicine, Smart Healthcare & Precision Medicine, and Botanical Drugs & Small Molecule Drugs: Provide one-stop service to support resident companies during the R&D stage and subsequent product commercialization. Cultivate business talents by constructing training programs on scientific innovation and entrepreneurship.
• Solicit the most promising 31 proposals of projects that seek to translate biomedical technologies.-Facilitate industry-oriented innovation and multi-disciplinary collaboration in translational medicine, enhancing the competitiveness of new drug development and medical applications from translational research to clinical use.

Business Interests: Translational medical research, Core facility support, Innovation and incubation center, Smart healthcare, Collaborative Bio cluster / Bio park.