VGXI, Inc.

Booth 1364
The Woodlands, Texas, United States
VGXI, Inc. is a leading contract manufacturer of DNA-based pharmaceuticals with over 20 years of experience providing exceptional quality cGMP products for DNA vaccines, cell and gene therapies, and immunotherapies worldwide.

VGXI's skilled team has an outstanding track record of success in manufacturing challenging plasmid products under cGMP conditions with exceptional yield, quality, and prompt delivery.

The VGXI Production Services include: High purity plasmid DNA preparations for pre-clinical research, Highly documented (HD) plasmid DNA for toxicology studies or cGMP virus production, and cGMP plasmid DNA for clinical through commercial supply.

Additional support provided: Fermentation and Purification Process Development and Optimization, GMP Cell Banking, GMP Fill/Finish, QC Release and Stability Testing, and CMC Support.