Altruist Biotechnology Inc.

Booth 1478
Rockville, Maryland, United States
Altruist Biotechnology is a leading CDMO company in China (spin off from Innovent Biologics) focusing on the development and commercial manufacturing of antibodies, fusion proteins, ADCs, gene and cell therapies and other drugs. Altruist is committed to "Helping customers develop affordable and high-quality biopharmaceuticals to patients across the world". The company has established an experienced international talent team with over 1,300 employees.

Altruist has helped our clients with 30+ INDs in China, 10+ INDs in US, 3 INDs in Australia, 8 NDAs in China, and 1 BLA in US. We are now manufacturing four commercial antibody products with over 700 successful commercial batches completed.

Altruist currently has a total capacity of 60,000 liters in Suzhou meeting the GMP requirements of the FDA, EMA, and NMPA. The facility has been audited by the FDA and Eli Lily GQAAC. There will be an additional 170,000 liters ready in 2023Q4 with multiple 20,000L bioreactors.

Altruist offers an end-to-end solution that includes:
 Cell line development, process development/optimization, analytical method development
 Clinical sample production (200L/500L/1,000L/3000L, liquid/lyo/PFS/AI), PCPV, BLA filing, PAI
 Commercial manufacturing (3,000L/4,500L/20,000L, liquid/lyo/PFS/AI)
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"Perseverance for Altruism, Ingenuity for Sustainability" is our commitment to achieve a win-win partnership. Altruist Biotechnology is committed to providing high-quality, industry-leading fully integrated services, and assisting our clients to deliver innovative medicines to benefit more patients.