BioPark Regensburg GmbH

Booth 1435
Regensburg, Germany
BioPark Regensburg GmbH is an enterprise of the City of Regensburg and part of the promotion of the economy. Our key task is promoting biotechnology, medical engineering, diagnostics and analytics as well as healthcare at the location and in the region. To do this for one we operate a three laboratory building with an area of a total of 18,000 m2 on the grounds of the University of Regensburg, in which there are currently 35 leaseholders with 676 employees. For another we coordinate the active cluster management of the Regensburg Bioregion from here with at this time 66 companies and 5,340 employees in East Bavaria.

The BioPark Regensburg GmbH is the management and administrative headquarters of the biotechnology research cluster known as BioRegio Regensburg in East Bavaria. Located strategically at the northernmost point of the Danube, in the Austrian-Czech-German triangle, the area is regarded as the gateway to the East of the extended European Union. Currently 66 firms with 5,340 employees are active in the field of life sciences in BioRegio Regensburg. As a result it has become the most important region for Biotechnology in Bavaria, second only to Munich.

More than 50 businesses and institutions,
five hospitals and two universities.

The growing significance of this industry for the future of the cathedral city and the region of Upper Palatinate was documented by an assessment of the cluster in 2021. Since the last count in 2011 the number of employees in the healthcare industry has risen by around 34%. In 2020 there were a total of 21,600 employees with social security insurance working in the healthcare field in the Regensburg Region. 80% of these are in the City of Regensburg and 20% in the Regensburg District. With 11,715 employees over half of these work in the 5 hospitals in the city and the district. In the field of local doctors there were 4,087 people employed at last count. Also in inpatient and outpatient care the numbers of employees rose by 34% to 4,123.

There are currently 831 companies in the health sector in the Regensburg area, 60% of them in the city and 40% in the district. These generated sales of € 2.7 billion in 2019, which is almost twice as much as in 2011 with a rate of increase of 92.9% and corresponds to an annual growth rate of 7.6%.