2bind GmbH

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Regensburg, Germany
2bind is a provider for biophysical analytical services. Since 2011 we have successfully completed > 1400 tasks in contract research projects with > 450 different customers from biotech, pharma (8 of the top 10 by revenue), and academia.

2bind serves customers, working in protein- and RNA-based drug discovery, antibody development and protein engineering.

2bind offers biophysical outsourcing solutions for HIT ID, HIT validation, HIT optimization in different Drug Discovery areas:
- Protein focused Drug Discovery
- RNA focused Drug Discovery
- Fragment based Drug Discovery
- PROTAC/Glue Discovery

Assay formats range from the ultra-comprehensive analysis of a single molecular interaction with various different technologies to the high-throughput screening of thousands of molecular compounds and fragments. From competition assays, binding analyses in complex biological liquids such as serum, plasma, or cell lysate to biophyiscal support of MedChem cycles (HIT optimization).

2bind offers biophysical outsourcing solutions in different stages of Antibody Development
- Interaction Studies
- Antibody Developability
- Formulation / Pre-formulation

Assay formats range from the ultra-comprehensive analysis of stability parameters (thermal and colloidal stability, hydrophobicity, size, homogeneity) of a biologic to high-throughput screening of hundreds of biologics or buffer components. From Design of Experiment (DoE) assays to optimize buffer condition to liquid formulation, forced degradation (stress testing) and long term storage optimization.

We combine cutting-edge biophysical assay formats such as MST, Spectral Shift, nanoDSF, DLS, BLI, GCI, SEC MALS, HIC, ITC, switchSENSE technology HeliX and HeliX cyto (kinetics on living cells) to serve a customer project. Innovative readout formats are supported by liquid handling systems and compound spotting tools (LabCyte Echo) as well as well organized sample management.

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