Fondazione Ri.MED

Booth 2065
Palermo, Palermo, Italy
The Ri.MED Foundation develops innovative biotechnology and biomedical research aimed at timely transferring scientific discoveries in clinical practice. Ri.MED was established as an international partnership between Italian Government, Italian National Research Council (CNR), Region of Sicily, University of Pittsburgh, and UPMC. In 2017, Ri.MED entered the governance of the transplant-specialized hospital ISMETT, to create an integrated translational research and highly specialized care cluster, with the goal to rapidly transfer scientific results “from bench to bedside”.

The Foundation is engaged in training highly qualified staff, disseminating scientific knowledge, and establishing and managing research centers and laboratories.

Consistently with its mission, the Ri.MED Foundation has achieved important results, training several biotechnology professionals, publishing hundreds of scientific articles, generating intellectual property covered with filed patents (31 today), and promoting local scientific and public engagement events.

Ri.MED manages laboratories in Sicily and, at the same time, is designing the Biomedical Research and Biotechnology Center (“BRBC”) that it is actually under construction near Palermo. The result of this strategy will foster innovative solutions for patients, and an increased ability to attract new funds.

Ri.MED research stems from medical need to develop innovative solutions, and focuses on four main therapeutic areas: cancer, with special focus on immunotherapy; organ failure, including organ transplantation and regenerative medicine; infectious diseases; and aging-associated diseases, with a focus on neurodegeneration.

Ri.MED’s scientific projects are based on three main areas of interest: regenerative medicine and immunotherapy, aimed at developing advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP); new drug discovery research and development; and tissue engineering and biomedical bioengineering, focused on developing biomaterials, engineered tissues, and medical devices. The activities range from identifying new biologically active molecules to developing cellular products for tissue repair and/or regeneration, and organotypic cultures for regenerative purposes and as models for pharmacology screening, and all the way to simulation of physiological systems and preclinical validation of new generation implantable organs and devices.

Ri.MED has a diversified and balanced project portfolio led by a multidisciplinary team with clear product development goals and a “bench-to-bedside” approach. The translational research engine of Ri.MED Foundation envisages the development of 10 skills and technology platforms supporting scientific projects: Biophysics and Structural Biology, High Throughput Screening, Bioinformatics and Molecular Informatics, Advanced Data Analysis, Biomedical Imaging and Radiomics, Proteomics, Cell factory for the production of ATMP, Medicinal Chemistry, Bioengineering and Tissue Engineering.
Scientific dissemination and sharing research outcomes are part of the Foundation’s mission. This involves developing a wide network of collaborations and scientific agreements with institutions in strategic areas of interest: 16 new agreements in 2022.
Training highly qualified personnel is not only part of Ri.MED’s mission, but a task the Foundation carries out with particular enthusiasm, understanding that offering high-level training can contribute to enriching the future of young people, and the competitiveness and development of Sicily.