Booth 3366
Wakefield, Massachusetts, United States
Fermatix is a leading provider of fermentation and downstream processing services for the biologics, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, agricultural, food, life science and cosmetic markets, as well as for academic institutions and government agencies.

We are ISO9001:2015 certified and are undergoing ISO13485:2016 certification.

Our Services:

Fermatix demonstrates excellence in fermentation and downstream processing.

At our state-of-the-art 42,000 square foot facility 12 miles north of Boston, we offer the following services:

Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDM):
*Strain development, cloning and clone optimization
*Development of master and production cell banks
*Fermentation and scale up from shake flasks to 6,000 L
*Purification and downstream processing and formulation
*Consultation regarding cost optimization, product specifications and COA
(Certificate of Analysis) development
*Batch record development
*Assisting with technology transfers to cGMP facilities

Contract Manufacturing (CM):
*Fermentation and downstream processing, including required in-process
*Executing customer batch records from cell bank to final product

OEM Design, Development and Manufacturing:
*Producing new enzymes and small molecule products from development to
manufacturing for customer branding or for incorporation into customer’s new

We are experienced in working with numerous products, including DNA amplification enzymes (DNA polymerases, including isothermal DNA polymerases), reverse transcriptase, RNA polymerases, imaging enzymes and proteinases, and all enzymes required for producing mRNA.

About Us:

Fermatix has decades of experience in fermentation process development and downstream processing, including:
*Highly technical fermentations from shake flasks to 200,000 L
*Producing sterile, whole broth ferments
*Working with nearly any BSL1 organism- aerobic and anaerobic
*Cloning and protein over-expression to produce a wide range of proteins
and small molecules, particularly enzymes
*Protein purification (pilot and production scale), including cell breakage,
centrifugation, ultrafiltration, chromatography and formulation
*Strain development and master cell bank production
*Custom plasmid manufacturing
*Producing large quantities of enzymes needed for viral test kits and mRNA
vaccine development

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