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Santo Andre - SP, São Paulo, Brazil
NAIAD is a drug discovery startup developing new GPCR-targeting drugs using AI to perform ultra-high-throughput structure-based virtual screening in the search for a new generation of GPCR-targeted small molecules.

NAIAD’s computational simulation and deep learning based platform leverages structural biological information to virtually screen billions of molecules against specific GPCRs, looking for the ones that present the desired biological profile.

The team of the company is composed of senior industry and academic researchers, biotech entrepreneurs and bioinformatics/chemoinformatics data scientists.

Our unique capabilities of protein motion sampling and ultra-high throughput virtual screening enable NAIAD to effectively search and screen a chemical space containing billions of molecules, hunting the ones with the highest potential of biological activity against the desired GPCRs, selecting the ones with the best pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics potential for further wet tests.

The company pipeline is mainly focused on GPCR based small molecules

- Immuno-Oncology (small molecule)
- Tumorigenesis inhibitors (small molecule)
- Neurological diseases (small molecule)
- Psychiatric conditions (small molecule)