Zhejiang Hengkang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Nucleic Acid business unit is lead by PhD team with rich pharmaceutical industry background, focusing on the independent research and development of key raw materials and excipients of mRNA drugs and oligos, such as Cap Analog and intermediate, Nucleotide, modified Nucleotide, Enzyme, Cationic acid(Ionizable Lipid), phosphoramidite, and commercial production base with GMP system. Dedicated to become the best partner of innovative nucleic acid drug field. We can provide nucleotides and modified nucleotides, the product quality has reached the international level, and the cost is controllable, and the batch-to-batch quality is stable; provide capping materials for mRNA synthesis to achieve efficient and economical co-transcription capping; provide LNP raw materials that meet the requirements of the nucleic acid delivery system and the GMP production conditions; provide mRNA Cap Analog CDMO service.