JelloX Biotech Inc.

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Hsinchu County, Taiwan
JelloX Biotech Inc. is a startup company focusing on open innovation in translating 3D digital pathology imaging with AI-empowered analysis into precision diagnosis solution. Proprietary technologies enable 3D image-inspired AI models to facilitate spatial feature recognition and 3D pathology parameters including recent publication of lung cancer PD-L1 biomarker profiling for 3D TPS evaluation with better concordance to IO drug treatment outcome, and prostate cancer whole lumen morphology for 3D Gleason scoring with rapid process. We have developed perineural invasion AI model for oral cancer, and H&E image-based fluorescence nuclear detection AI model for breast cancer. JelloX 3D + AI solution is compatible with current pathology workflow allowing subsequent H&E, IHC, and genetic tests to establish an innovative Panoramic Pathology Platform in support of multidimensional tumor atlas analyses. Meanwhile, JelloX MetaLite software with CPU-based edge AI solution has become Intel Market Ready Solution for partnership in business development. JelloX digital pathology platform with federated learning (FL) modules is integrated with Roche Diagnostic system as a powerful AI+FL solution for smart hospital and modern reference lab in support of precision medicine and drug development. JelloX Biotech is now seeking for partnership to boost global market penetration and company valuation.