m-lab GmbH

Booth 1335
Mainz, Germany
At m-lab, we are committed to commercialize a Glaucoma diagnostic lateral flow platform using tear fluid that will provide the general population easy, affordable and widespread access to disease detection and early treatment initiation using lateral flow assay. We foresee a yearly test at below €20 for all people aged over 50 years.
If you are beside of glaucoma interested in:
- using the m-lab proprietary technology for multiplexing lateral flow assays
- a LFT for monitoring covid vaccination protection (on the market in Japan)
- OEM manufacturing of LFT
- Developing and consulting in diagnostic developments
- Diagnostic and therapeutic developments in other eye diseases like AMD
please contact us for more details.

m-lab GmbH is a spin-off from the University of Mainz, Germany. We are developing and commercializing innovative point-of-care (POC) devices and personalized treatment approaches in Ophthalmology.
The initial product, a Glaucoma diagnostic platform, will provide early detection of Glaucoma, the most prevalent cause of blindness in the world today, by means of an affordable, easy-to-use, point-of-care test, yielding a Glaucoma Risk Score within a few minutes independent from specialized laboratories.
The test is based on m-lab's innovative highly sensitive multiplexing lateral flow platform detecting disease specific marker patterns in tear fluid with a reader and combined smartphone reader software for A.I. based disease scoring.
After final prototype optimization of the Glaucoma test system, we expect the launch the diagnostic platform within the next 2 years. In parallel, we are continuously developing our therapeutic antibody program, with the aim of developing urgently needed new neuroprotective treatment options to prevent blindness.
We would be happy to discuss various options for business cooperation and distribution at a meeting.