INDUNIV / Industry University Research Center, Inc.

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, United States
Founded in 1985, INDUNIV Research Center, Inc. is a nonprofit organization [IRC Section 501(c)(3)], members supported consortium that promotes and catalyzed effective collaboration among the sectors of academia, industry and government. These efforts are directed towards stimulating knowledge base capabilities, particularly to encourage growth in the life sciences. INDUNIV advances understanding of the pharmaceutical and bioscience development fields; facilitates collaboration between industry, government and academia; develops strategies and road maps to formulate public policy and advocates their implementation. It is a relentless promoter and facilitator for the development of centers of excellence, technology zones and incubators to foster the way in the value chain for the innovation through commercialization of products. In this manner, enhancing Puerto Rico’s competitiveness and making it more visible for attracting manufacturing and research & development activities. INDUNIV is the BIO-CSBA affiliate organization for Puerto Rico.
Enhance Puerto Rico status as the preferred location for new business opportunities through knowledge creation in the life sciences, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, health IT/digital health care and allied industries.
To develop the necessary strategies and action plans that promotes the development of the knowledge economy through innovation. To position PR as a global best practices location of choice for the life sciences through the industry, university and government consortium.
• Catalyst to the knowledge economic development
• Facilitator to enhance PR bioscience manufacturing
• Industry competitiveness
• Integrator of industry, university and government
• Initiatives and actions must bring value to the members
“Connect with the Puerto Rico Life Sciences Ecosystem”