Jenthera Therapeutics

Booth 2049
Ville Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
Jenthera Therapeutics is a preclinical gene editing company developing a novel direct protein delivery CRISPR platform towards the development of groundbreaking therapeutics in oncology.
Through a biologic-oriented approach, our platform resolves the greatest unmet need in gene editing: cellular delivery. Current systems use viruses, liposomes or nanoparticles to shuttle the CRISPR nuclease to cells, severely limiting the range of possible targets, creating off-target and immune responses and bearing complex manufacturing. Our uniquely differentiated platform circumvents these limitations through the direct delivery of the CRISPR protein while achieving unprecedented precision, exquisite tailoring for a largely extended range of tissue and cell targets, safety from off-target and immune responses and simple manufacturing.
Solid data from our two internal programs supports the potential of our platform for transformative, personalized and accessible in-vivo therapies. Our lead program unlocks a new frontier in CAR-T developments leveraging our platform’s high frequencies of homology-directed repair to deliver CAR insertions in-vivo in the context of B-cell lymphoma. Our second internal program targets an undruggable and highly prized oncology target, KRAS in the context of non-small cell lung cancer and represents the first systemically administered ribonucleoprotein CRISPR system achieving targeted delivery to a solid tumor.
In both our CAR-T and KRAS programs, the complete eradication of the targeted tumors was observed at low doses. Other programs are being currently pursued along with partners.
The versatility and highly advanced capabilities of our platform allow for the establishment of partnerships based on our partner’s target of choice. We are currently seeking investors for our Series A raise and partners with whom we can shape the next generation of gene editing therapeutics and define curative solutions for society’s greatest health challenges.
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