Abartys Health

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San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States
Abartys Health has built a secure, privacy-compliant platform to improve healthcare data interoperability between clinical laboratories, patients, providers, and health insurance plans. We have established partnerships with the major lab information systems, including connections to over 800 clinical laboratories in Puerto Rico, and in 2023 expanded this model successfully to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and US markets.

We transform disparate sources into standardized, research-ready, actionable data by applying AI/ machine learning algorithms. 

We provide access on a subscription basis to Abartys’ ClinicLynk Insights Dashboards, with visualizations of nearly real-time lab results that describe the current epidemiology of chronic and infectious diseases. Dashboards are customizable to clients' needs for academic research, population management insights, research, intervention, gaps in care, and clinical trial recruitment.