lifespin GmbH

Booth 1435
Regensburg, Germany
Lifespin – A Health Data Revolution for Precision Medicine

Lifespin is building a highly scalable, automated diagnostics technology platform based on digitized metabolomic data even suitable for population health management. We are merging biology, deep data, artificial intelligence, and cloud technologies to enable digital metabolic insights for a new field of precision diagnostics that will improve the gold standard in numerous indications and will bring about new diagnostic products, where none exist today (e.g., in some neurological diseases); precision drug monitoring for clinical, pharmaceutical and research settings; and precision nutrition for diabetes, obesity, dietary and lifestyle interventions.

We have proven performance against legacy methods in clinical chemistry. We have an immediate focus on analytical panels in the context of chronic care, treatment, and well-being.

As such we will be launching this year following products:
• Amino acid panel
• Therapeutic drug monitoring tests
• Prostate cancer test
• Lipid /lipoprotein panel

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