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Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland
FluoSphera has developed the first liquid microphysiological systems (MPS) ever made to improve the accuracy of drug discovery. The MPS of FluoSphera recapitulate the complex organization of the human body in vitro by mimicking the distant communications between multiple human organs.

FluoSphera® is a patented in vitro technology platform using tissue encapsulation coupled with fluorescence coding to develop bespoke drug discovery tools for drug screening (efficacy & safety) with an unprecedented multiplexing capacity. This technology combines the flexibility and the throughput of 3D cell culture methods with the human relevance of chip-based MPS like the Body-on-a-Chip, thus bridging the technology gap between early and late drug discovery steps.

FluoSphera's biosystems generate data that predict the effects of drugs on patients much better, thus de-risking more efficiently the next steps of drug development (post-lead optimization). Using this technology, FluoSphera proposes R&D services to pharmaceutical companies needing to de-risk drug development projects.