Applied Nanolayers

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Den Haag, Netherlands
Applied Nanolayers (ANL) provides high-quality graphene on semiconductor wafers for advanced biomedical applications, like very rapid and ultra-sensitive electronic biosensors for Point-of-Care solutions. ANL provides generic and custom-made biosensors and our business partners and customers will functionalize these biosensors to make them specific to a certain protein, virus, bacteria, or other bio-molecule. Graphene biosensors have shown Level of Detection (LoD) in the attoMolar (aM) range and can span a range of ~5 orders of magnitude and provide accurate results in less than one minute. There are many papers that have shown this and since mid 2020, there are already more than 10 papers published that demonstrate this for SARS-CoV-2. Graphene can also be used for wound healing, analyze VOCs in breath, electrically stimulate cell growth, or detect impact of antibiotics on unknown bacteria.
ANL is set to lead the graphene and other 2D material market and enable biotech companies to scale to high-volume with their new devices and applications.