PrecisemAb Biotech Co., Ltd.

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Taipei, Taiwan
PrecisemAb is a spin-off startup of Kaohsiung Medical University. Its core technology, Universal Antibody Lock, can significantly reduce side effects caused by antibody drugs, making antibody therapy safe and effective.

[Features of Core Technology (Antibody Lock)]
‧Higher masking ability and removal ability
‧Low immunogenicity
‧Prevention of anti-drug antibody binding
‧Prolonged serum half-life
[Lead Product]
PSM101, the lead candidate for head and neck cancer and colorectal cancer treatment, will complete stable cell clone generation in 2023 and the non-human primate side effect test in 2024-Q1.
Through the (1) co-development of Lock-antibodies and (2) customized Antibody Lock design service, PrecisemAb licenses out Lock-antibodies to global pharma for conducting further clinical trials.
Focus Areas