Gene Tools, LLC

Booth 1385
Philomath, Oregon, United States
Gene Tools manufactures Morpholino oligos for blocking translation, modifying splicing or inhibiting miRNA activity. Morpholinos are effective, specific, stable and non-toxic. They are used in cell cultures, embryos or, as Vivo-Morpholinos, in adult animals. Gene Tools also markets products for delivery of Morpholinos into cell cultures, including our Endo-Porter endosomal release agent. Dr. Jim Summerton founded the pioneering antisense company Antivirals Inc. (now AVI BioPharma Inc.) in 1980 to develop antisense therapeutics and founded Gene Tools, LLC in 1997 to supply Morpholino oligos to researchers worldwide. Backed by Ph.D.-level customer support, Gene Tools designs and synthesizes Morpholinos and delivery reagents