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Sandton, South Africa
AgriViro is an innovative biotechnology company operating at the critical intersection between agriculture and environmental sciences. At AgriViro, we understand the importance of sustainable agriculture and are committed to providing farmers with cutting-edge biotechnology solutions that promote plant health while protecting the environment.

AgriViro's portfolio of biopesticides provides profitable and eco-friendly farming solutions that enable farmers to meet the growing demand for safe and sustainable agricultural products. Our unique active ingredients, novel manufacturing methods and cutting-edge formulation technologies differentiate our biopesticides from other pest control products and give customers unique benefits. Our plant health solutions are an excellent choice for farmers looking to differentiate themselves in the market and gain a competitive edge.

Our technology platforms provide an integrated approach to research, develop, test, and manufacture biological products. AgriViro’s technology platforms not only accelerate the development of biopesticides, but also provide an excellent foundation for the development of other innovative microbe-based products, such as plant-growth promoting and disease-preventing seed coatings. Our team is committed to commercializing our intellectual property portfolio and developing new technologies to address the needs of modern agriculture.

With our proven product development platform, deep expertise, and valuable intellectual property, AgriViro is well-positioned to lead the way in developing innovative biotechnology solutions that take sustainable agriculture to the next level.