Aralez Bio

Booth 2687
San Leandro, California, United States
Aralez Bio makes new amino acids possible with our proprietary enzymatic platform. Using noncanonical amino acids we unlock new chemical space in peptides, biologics, ADCs, and small molecules that enables more potent, stable, and specific therapeutics.

We work with customers in two ways:

1. Amino acid manufacturing
Milligram to kilogram quantities of amino acids
ISO-9001 certified manufacturing in the USA
Turnaround in 2-4 weeks with $1500/g average price (at research scale)
Fmoc or Boc protection available
The worlds largest collection of aromatic amino acids

2. Partnerships for Therapeutic Development
Our enzyme platform was developed at Caltech in the lab of Nobel Laureate, and Aralez Bio co-founder, Frances Arnold. We are able to explore 10x more chemical diversity in 1/4 the time, enabling rapid screening and SAR of small molecules, peptides, drug conjugates, and neuroactive molecules. Our platform creates drugs that are more stable, potent, and specific while simultaneously unlocking undruggable targets.

We are looking for partners to collaborate with our drug development team and improve patient's lives.