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Thane (West), Maharashtra, India
With a presence in more than 150 countries, HiMedia is amongst the top three brands in the Bioscience Industry.
HiMedia Laboratories Private Limited is world renowned for manufacturing high quality culture media for microbiology. Additionally, we provide advanced media and products in the fields of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Plant Tissue Culture, Chemicals and Lab Aids/Equipment. As a Top Tier Global player, we are not only dedicated towards products but also striven towards introducing technologies such as Genomics Sequencing Services and Hydroponics.
HiMedia has managed to do this over decades as we have our own in-house bulk raw materials manufacturing plant. This enables us to deliver consistent quality products that conform to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2012 and WHO: GMP.
HiMedia Labs. caters to one of the broadest Biosciences product categories: our premier established line of Microbiology products and newer promising products in Molecular Biology, Automated and Molecular Instruments, Cell Biology, Chemicals, and Premium Grade Lab Consumables, amongst others. The COVID-19 pandemic revolutionized not the clinical industry’s thought process regarding the significance of Molecular Diagnostics products.
The ‘Molecular Biology and Virology Division’ of HiMedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Also called as HiGenoMB® is a One Stop Solution Provider churning out potential Research and Industry oriented Molecular biology products for the past glorious decade. About 2000 different products such as Nucleic Acid Extraction and Amplification (PCR) Kits, Cloning Reagents, Buffers & Chemicals for proteomics studies, Automated Molecular Instrumentation including RT PCR machines and PCR thermal cyclers and DNA/RNA Extraction platforms are being produced. The Proficient researchers in this department are spear heading the challenging field of Molecular Diagnostics to provide a complete solution for clinical diagnosis, agriculture, veterinary sciences, food industry, drug discovery and forensic medicine with the use of Real Time PCR or quantitative PCR kits and thermal cyclers. Our Molecular Biology Division-has established an in-house Advanced Sequencing and Bioinformatics facility which marks HiMedia’s entry into the Services space.
Our Cell Biology segment contributes with technologies which have brought in Serum free media for biopharma applications, Viral Vaccine Production Platform, Multicompendial grade chemicals, cultivated meat, and 3D bioprinting.
Moving from conventional to advanced automated methods like MALDI-TOF (Autof MS 1000) has been our newest endeavour for Microbiology.

Excellence at your doorstep defines the HiMedia vision, and we tirelessly pursue this.
With this vision HiMedia Biosciences began its journey 48 years ago. This vision has enabled us to bring to our patrons excellence in quality and service, coupled with innovation and topicality.

BioSciences in the service of humankind. This has been our mission and we are committed to serve.

This mission has enabled us to surmount challenges and trials to bring quality to you at most affordable prices. The transformation of India's health sector to serve the common man has HiMedias's diagnostic media as its prime mover.