Flagship Lab Services

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Southlake, Texas, United States
Flagship Lab Services specializes in scalable lab support services for early-stage Biotechs across the U.S. We offer integrated lab support and facilities maintenance services to meet the requirements of Biotechs as they progress from R&D through GxP.

With the pace of innovation in the Life Sciences industry, and the facilities and staff expansion that can happen with R&D success, Biotechs often end up with a bifurcated network of providers that can hamper their progress – regardless of the efficacy of their research projects. Flagship Lab Services was launched to provide seamless support to these organizations through their rapid growth and expansion.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes lab operations support, vendor-managed inventory, glass wash and autoclaving, media prep, and IT services as well as equipment testing, certification, repair, calibration, and maintenance. For more information about Flagship Lab Services, visit flagshipinc.com.