TargImmune Therapeutics AG

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Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland
TargImmune Therapeutics AG, established in Basel, is a privately held biotechnology company focused on drug development using novel targeted anticancer therapies which provide a multi-pronged attack against solid tumors. The company’s principal technology is a platform of non-viral vector nanoparticles for specific delivery of a dsRNA to target cancer cells that overexpress certain receptors. After binding to the receptor and internalization into the cancer cell, the dsRNA induces cancer cell death while simultaneously eliciting an immune response against the tumors. This targeted, multi-pronged approach is expected to result in superior efficacy in the treatment of solid tumors. TargImmune has three drugs in the pipeline, all of which have demonstrated proof of concept in vivo.

TargImmune is harnessing the body’s antiviral defenses with the vision of improving outcomes in patients with cancer. For doing that, we have developed our first-in-class Ta:RNA™ platform to generate a novel class of therapeutics called Targeted Apoptotic Immunomodulators (TAIM).

The lead drug candidate, TAR001, is a nanoparticle which targets epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). EGFR overexpression is prevalent in a significant proportion of solid cancers (e.g. NSCLC, CRC, RCC, TNBC, HNSCC) and is often associated with more aggressive disease. TAR001 is undergoing studies to enable CTA filing in 2023 with first in human studies later in the year.

Because our proprietary platform is designed to be applicable to multiple targets, we will use TA:RNA™ to develop novel therapies for other solid tumors
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