Beijing CorreGene Biotechnology Co., Ltd

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Beijing, Beijing, China
Beijing CorreGene Biotechnology Co., Ltd., founded by several Peking University alumni, dedicated to the development of innovative therapeutics based on T-cell receptors (TCRs).
CorreGene has established a comprehensive research and development platform for T cell receptor (TCR) technology, incorporating breakthroughs in TCR cloning and affinity optimization. In particular, the proprietary SMART-TCR affinity optimization platform, a revolutionary technology in TCR affinity optimization, has significantly increased the success rate and efficiency of TCR optimization. This groundbreaking platform has effectively overcome previous barriers in the development of TCR-based medications.
Currently, CorreGene is developing multiple First-in-class TCR-T cell therapies and TCR bispecifics, including the pioneering cell therapy drug targeting the KRAS-G12 mutations in China and world-first TCR bispecific targeting HPV infectious diseases, aiming to building a global leader in TCR-based immunotherapies.
In the future, CorreGene will pioneering distinct therapeutic modalities of T cell receptors (TCRs) for ACT and Bispecifics for tumor, chronic infection and autoimmune disease, aiming to the trillion-level markets.