KAWA.SKA Sp. z o.o.

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Zalesie Górne, Poland
KAWA.SKA is a company from Poland (Europe). We have been providing solutions for the biotechnology sector on the Polish market for 24 years. We operate in the sector of microscopy and laboratory solutions, our clients are: Universities, Medical Universities, Institutes belong to the Polish Academy of Science, departmental Institutes, hospitals and biological laboratories. Our product portfolio is focused on devices used in biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, environmental protection, molecular diagnostics, histopathology and autopsy. We are a distributor of innovative biotechnological solutions supplied by producers from Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the USA.

The company's product portfolio includes: confocal microscopes; fluorescence microscopes; stereo microscopes; tissue processors, histology consumables; cryostats; microtomes; autopsy equipment; software solutions for digital pathology; mass spectrometers; time-resolved fluorimetry products; lasers; automated systems for DNA and RNA isolation.