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● For a long time, the pharmaceutical industry has struggled with the low productivity of drug R&D. An emerging candidate for the issue is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI could help scientists cut the part of processes down, but it strongly depends on existing data that is usually fragmented. “Just AI” cannot clarify the underlying mechanism and potential failure risks that are not published.
NetTargets has its unique solution, AI-enhanced Systems Biology, based on over 20 years of accumulated technologies from KAIST, and has built a drug development platform. Systems Biology simulates life systems from big data such as gene expression, copy number variation, genetic mutations, etc. A system-level understanding enables us to understand biological phenomena precisely and facilitate drug development.
NetTargets has developed a computational modeling methodology that mimics the complex biological processes to understand and analyze the causal relationships in the regulatory networks in the health and disease context.
It achieves the methodology by building mathematical models that facilitate dynamics analysis to clarify hidden feedback or crosstalk in signaling cascades in biological networks. NetTargets helps customers reach the final goal in less time and cost.
NetTargets has an innovative and integrative new drug development platform, Ntrophy, which is a comprehensive tool that can be applied to various diseases.
Ntrophy is complemented by three other platforms, which are NetTargets Database (N-DB), NetTargets Mechanism Analysis Platform (N-MAP), and Compound Analysis Platform (N-CAP).
N-DB (NetTargets Database) database has been the foundation of NetTargets’ comprehensive biological database, curated from literature and omics data containing disease-gene associations, signaling pathways, etc.
N-MAP (NetTargets Mechanism Analysis Platform) constructs the regulatory network for a specific disease by integrating omics data with the dynamics of biological models. The dynamic analysis of the constructed network enables drug resistance-mechanism study, drug response prediction, and the identification of novel targets to design the optimal therapeutic strategies for a specific disease.
N-CAP (NetTargets Compound Analysis Platform) provides the generation, design, docking, and validation functions of new lead compounds for the targets resulting from N-MAP.
NetTargets has two kinds of business models. The first business model is CRS(contract research service or collaboration) for target identification, drug repurposing, mechanism analysis, etc. The second business model is drug pipeline collaboration (co-development, L/O, etc.). We are looking for synergetic partners to cooperate and discover novel drug targets. We are open to all bio/pharmaceutical companies as well as all institutes that are interested in/willing to adopt AI-enhanced Systems Biology in the drug development process.
NetTargets has collaborated with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to conduct target discovery and mechanism analysis for various diseases such as cancer, immuno-therapy, synthetic lethality, rare diseases, and cardiovascular diseases, etc.
NetTargets Drug Pipelines have been developed for cancer and other diseases which are subject to L/O (NT001~NT009 including a pipeline to reverse cancer cells into normal-like cells). NetTargets has developed drug pipelines by analyzing the underlying mechanism using our systems biology approach.