WAMA Diagnostics (Switzerland) SA

Booth 1743
Monthey, Valais, Switzerland
WAMA Diagnostics (Switzerland) SA is on mission to optimize diagnosis in vitro by introducing innovative assays, thereby enabling optimal care for patients in need. Our goal is to become a center of development of innovative IVD tests for any company from this field. WAMA Diagnostics is active in R&D activities exclusively and any developed technology will be transferred to interested companies, empowering them to manufacture and sell the related product all over the world. We are currently in final stage of development of a multiplex immunoassay that will empower blood banks, biopharmaceutical companies specializing in plasma-derived protein therapeutics and clinical analysis laboratories to screen effectively and accurately all mandatory and additional transfusion-transmissible infections pathogens in a single vessel recipient. This is a planar multiplex assay developed in 96-well microplates, which includes HIV-1&2, HCV, HBc, Syphilis, HTLV-I/II and Chagas antibodies and also HIV-1 p24 and HBsAg antigens detection with chemiluminescent readout. The assay reaction will be fully automatized and will be able to deliver 1.344 results (screening of 7 biomarkers of 192 patients) after a reaction run of 2.5-3 hours.