Jiangsu Synthgene Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Booth 2285
Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Founded in 2018, Jiangsu Synthgene Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focuses on providing overall solutions for upstream raw materials in life sciences. The core members of the company are the chemical biology PhD team from Nanjing University. Academician Hongyuan Chen is chief scientist, who has strong technical background in chemical biology. Over the years, Synthgene is committed to the development and industrialization of life science insurmountable raw materials. Currently, Synthgene antibody discovery platform, mRNA stock solution preparation platform, mRNA-LNP preparation process platform, oligonucleotide preparation platform, enzyme directed evolution platform contribute to derivative three product segments include cell gene therapy raw materials, gene nucleic acid drug raw materials and IVD raw materials. The company has been selected to cultivate unicorn enterprises in Nanjing and raised hundreds of millions in RMB.