Clust-ER Health and Wellbeing

Booth 2065
Bologna, Bologna, Italy
The Health & Wellbeing Clust-ER of Emilia-
Romagna is one of the key players in

the regional innovation ecosystem: an
association of public and private bodies
as companies, research centers, hospitals
and training institutions that share skills,
ideas and resources to support the
competitiveness of the sector, acting as an
accelerator of innovation for the key strategic
sectors and a multiplier of opportunities
working through a collaborative approach.
Nutraceutics, animal health, biomedical
technologies, pharma and advanced
therapies, big data and digital health,
orthopedics, neuroscience and neurology
are the seven assets on which Clust-ER
health has built its own internationalization
strategy, to attract investments and promote
networking for business and research.