Q Biotech Corp

Booth 1475
Rio Rancho, New Mexico, United States
Q Biotech Corp is developing a line of instruments for life science research and development. Our goal is to provide instruments that are easy to use, innovative and use the latest advances in technology. The first instrument, Q Biotech Inceptum™ chromatography system, utilizes a multicolumn cartridge to achieve unparalleled purity and stability of the resulting antibody or other purified proteins. Forget about spin columns, or plumbing HPLC for the purification. Just plug in a disposable cassette and put in the sample. Take a coffee break and come collect your purified protein after that!
We also help customers to get to the point where they need our instrument. Our services group will help with protein production, assay development and manufacturing scale up, from gene cloning through support of your FDA submission. We offer both custom protein expression and a growing catalog of ready to use recombinant proteins and single chain antibodies.