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Kingston, United Kingdom
Genetic Microdevices is a London based device company developing high performance immunoassays for a number of conditions. The technology is based on a disposable cartridge, the QbQ. The technology concept is dissimilar to ELISA, Western Blotting or PCR. The QbQ cartridge resembles a miniature particle accelerator-on-chip. The elegant concept has demonstrated the following performance:

* Near zero sample preparation.
* 5-10 minutes running time
* Limit of Detection (LOD) of 100 target molecules.
* Competitive pricing
* Portable machine

The combination of extreme performance metrics is a game changer in the in vitro diagnostics space and in the research instrumentation space.
The portability of the technology, means that in can be deployed in diverse settings:

• Hospitlals/ A&E, ICU, Wards
• Doctor’s office
• Ambulances
• Home testing

Furthermore the QbQ can be deployed in research settings, such as cancer biomarker development, dementia biomarker research and practically any immunoassay performed with ELISA or Western Blotting, can be done in our system.

The technology has now exceeded lab-validation and the first product, a high sensitivity troponin test is expected to enter the market in 6 months.

The company is also developing a dementia biomarker test as part of a prestigious multimillion grant from InnovateUK (SMART award).

Our immunoassays are being developed in collaboration with leading academic institutions such as the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital (London/UK),

University College London (Cancer biomarkers) and Liverpool School of Tropical medicine for infection biomarkers.

The technology has demonstrated extreme speed and sensitivity in detecting Influenza in a clinical medium, COVID19 in nasopharyngeal swab, and Troponin T in blood.

Genetic Microdevices is seeking out-licensing opportunities, assay co-development opportunities with academic partners and CROs and investment opportunities to support the upcoming growth stage.

Please come to our booth to witness the extreme performance of the QbQ yourself!